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Extremely profitable, the Ex-250 produces pré-gelatinized flour of excellent quality. 

Totally manufactured in stainless steel.


EXTRUDER: structure, electrical board, cooling cameras, silo, homogenizer, side covers and exit tap totally built in stainless steel. Start up by triphasic electrical engine Weg, coupled by speed reducer made by Cestari. Horizontal homogenizer, owning internal blades, with continual water feeding through "rotametro", start up by triphasic electrical engine Weg of 1 HP. Cutting system with variable rotation, start up by triphasic electrical engine and frequency inversor Weg. Electrical board with components made by Siemens.
PNEUMATIC TRANSPORT: Built in stainless steel, start up by turbo fan with triphasic electrical engine Weg of 1 HP.
DRYING DRUM: Continual rotative drum, built in stainless steel, owning internal room for turning over the product, with external thermical isolation of pottery fibre 300 degrees density. Structure and bearing tracks produced in stainless steel. Start up by speed reduction engine.
DRYING SYSTEM: Through the fire boiler built in stainless steel thermically isolated, with gas burner by Ecoflan, start up by digital thermocontroller made by Coel, with high and low fire controller. Turbo fan coupled in the upper of the boiler for impulsing the hot air in the drying drum.

  Address: Street Campinas 3030

Phone: 55 16 3996 9322/3969 3257

ZIP: 14075-070 - Ribeirão Preto - SP